What’s inside your PS4 traveling case, dude?

PS4 travel case

If there’s something else inside of your Playstation bag then you need to receive something along the lines of a massive whack. But then again, you’ll get your punishment soon enough, if it hasn’t already happened. The punishment for you, dude, is that your state of the art PS4 console is about to be damaged. All because you decided to store away some sarmies or snacks for your journey ahead. You also packed in other gizmos besides your PS4 accessories.

So, because your carrier bag was cramped, damage was done. Your PS4 got scratches and nitty gritty bits got into the device’s sensitive ports. Dudes, for a prized possession such as this, surely by now you should know that it’s important to keep all sensitive essentials in their separate compartments designed for the purpose. The PS4 travel case, like, is designed only for the PS4 and its necessary accessories, including those show off games.

So, do yourself and your wallet a favor, and get yourself a proper case. It’s actually quite affordable when you think about it. Let’s face it, if you can spend this much bucks on Play station, you’ve got space for a neat case too. It’s padded so that your console doesn’t get damaged in case some idiot bumps into you or you drive over a bump. The padded case offers extra layer protection. Also, selected materials ensure that the case remains water resistant.

Never mind hailstorms and such, you can’t even risk coffee being spilled on your machine. Seeing as you are traveling a lot with the bag, you’ll have those handy straps to utilize. It’s comfortable enough because the machine is lightweight, right. Otherwise, you’ll be thinking of a gym contract next.